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We start from afar to tell you the story of the succession to the title of Baron of Stoneywood: all the families that have succeeded each other from the 1400s to the present day.

Scozia Carlos Mack

The actual baron, Carlos (Charles) Mack of Stoneywood, Baron of Stoneywood, was matriculated with the Court of Lord Lyon King of Arms in Edinburgh and Letters Patents issued accordingly showing the baronial coat of arms, banner and pinsel. The family has been included in Burke’s Peerage, 107th edition. He is an European Barrister with The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.

All land held under feudal tenure originates from a Crown Charter, and the Charters from 1306 until 1668 are officially recorded in the eleven volumes of Registrum Magni Sigilii Regum Scotum, better known as The Register of the Great Seal of Scotland.


The first recorded entry of the Barony

The first recorded entry of the Barony dates back to 1474 when Thomas Fraser of Cornton, Knight, resigned Cornton to King James II receiving in exchange the lands of Stoneywood, between Aberdeen and Dyce, as well as Muchall united into the Barony of Stoneywood.


First Lord Fraser

Stoneywood remained within the Fraser family, holder of the Chiefship of the Clan Fraser, up until Andrew Fraser of Muchall was creaed 1st Lord Fraser on June 29th, 1633 dropping the Barony’s territorial designation. Muchall was to become later known as Castle Fraser near Inverurie, Aberdeenshire.


The Moir family

The Barony passed in the 17th Century to the Moir family starting with John Moir of Kermuck, afterwards of Stoneywood, a “keen, honest and shrewd” gentleman. Four generations were holders of the Dignity. The family was a “brave and staunch supporter of his Prince, who…was amongst the most important of Charles Stuart’s supporters in Aberdeenshire”.


The Forbes

In 1789 Stoneywood become the home of the Forbes who lived here until 1877 when the Estate was purchased by the Pirie’s of Waterton family.


The marriages and successions

In 1820 the Barony passed through Jane Moir of Stoneywood (female line of the extinct Moir’s family) to George Skene who married her. His son, James married Jane Forbes (1787-1862) and died 1864 in Oxfordshire. He was a great friend of Sir Walter Scott, the famous Scottish novelist: “Land and houses passed away, and the place which knew them knows them no more.”


The Mack family

Since the last century the Barony is with the Mack family. After the father of the actual holder, Francis, renounced to the dignity the Barony was bestowed on Carlos (Charles) Henry Francis Mack of Stoneywood, Baron of Stoneywood and duly matriculated at Lord Lyon’s Court in Edinburgh. Letters Patent were issued on January 22nd, 2001 signed by Lord Lyon King of Arms, Sir Malcolm Innes of Edingight. The origins of the Mack family are in Northumberland (Berwick-upon-Tweed) and Scottish Borders (Jedburgh, Kelso).


This sett embodies two elements from tartans associated with Charles Mack of Stoneywood, Baron of Stoneywood, Fraser and Hume. Fraser are connected with the area of Stoneywood near Aberdeen (Grampian) and Hume is a Borders Clan with connections to the Mack going back as early as 10th Century.
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Baron of Stoneywood

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